Internet Marketing

PPC campaigns – search engines / social networks
The greatest advantages of PPC campaigns are fast implementation and fast return on investment.

You can target customer by:
– Keyword or phrase
– Geographically or by language which the customer speaks
– By country, region, city
– By chosen radius distance from a particular place
– According to the device that uses – desktop, tablet, mobile phone
– Age, gender, interests …

Use PPC campaigns to give your business an immediate boost.

Your ad can be displayed:
– On search results page
– On third party sites that are written in the context of your keyword or content includes it
– At randomly selected sites
– On Youtube as your video or banner in a third part video
– Video before starting a third party videos selected by the context, by a keyword or purposefully ….

It can be displayed in separate campaigns for customers who have already visited your site. You can display different ads for each campaign, target group, device or any above criteria.
Our solutions are the result of advanced analytics, our experience and knowledge of sales psychology. If you don’t have time to wait for months for optimization to kick in, if you need to make money immediately. Let’s use the unique ability of internet marketing to precisely target your potential customers and address them.

Strategy, text, slogans, creation of static and dynamic banners, consultation.

Social media marketing
The social media community is about giving, and if a brand isn’t catering to the audience, then it will not be successful.

We think about your customers age, social status, where they lives.What do your customers have in common, what do you actually do and what more you can do for your customer.
We post informations which your customers will be thrilled with and remember it. We will provide you with content that will entertain visitors of your Facebook, Youtube or Instagram page, that will captivate your existing and potential customers.

Content Marketing
Content is not just a text, image or video.
Content is one of the most essential elements of effective marketing. It is primarily a message, that visitor gets from your site. Visual language must attract, inform and motivate the visitor. We think about the structure, hierarchy and the form of the information provided. We discover, who is your customer, his age, social status, residence….

Tell us your goal and we will do the rest.
Purposeful illustration, photo, video, that tells your message. Clever copy, slogan that speaks to your customer.
Everything in order to improve your business success.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is considered to be the most powerful way of internet advertising.
The return on investment with email marketing is highest high compared to other methods of internet marketing, if the campaigns are doing right. The main condition is that the recipient agrees with the receiving of advertising messages.

Email marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than direct mail done traditionally by post. It allows you direct communication with existing and potential customers. You can inform, send quotes, share stories, show new products. Email marketing is global, it is easy to create a message and it is easy to evaluate the success of your campaigns.

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All in one place for a successful Internet campaign.